Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Genesis 8-11

Daily Reading
Bible with Cross 
Daily Thought

Why was it wrong for the people of Babel to build a city and a tower?  (Genesis 11:1-9) 

Debbie and I were staring into the sun watching our 7-year-old's soccer game.  I had a hat. Debbie didn't, but wished she did and thought she left one in the car.  I hiked to the car and looked and she hadn't. Taking off my hat, I returned to our seats, and put it on her head.  She thanked me for getting her hat, but she didn't notice I was missing mine!  The whole game she never saw the huge sacrifice I made. Finally, after the game at the car, I opened her door, and as she got in, I took my hat off her head and put it back on mine.  I wanted the recognition, and I was willing to trade nobility for it.   

God created us to fill the earth and subdue it (Genesis 1:28; 9:1).  He created us to worship Him and rule the world.  But the people of Babel said, "No thanks. We'd rather stay in Babel and make a name for ourselves."  They wanted the recognition, and were willing to trade nobility for it.

It is amazing what we pay for our pride.  God made us in His image, reflecting His glory.  But we'd rather others notice us, and the image of God is dulled. 

Daily Prayer

Heavenly Father, God of glory, You are so very much worthy of my devotion and praise.  I see Your handiwork in creation, I sense Your majesty in myself made in Your image.  But most of all, I see You in Your Son, Jesus Christ.  The authority of heaven blended with the humility of grace.  Born in a manger, died on a cross, You rule on the throne of heaven.  

May I follow You so closely that Your ways become mine.  To be first, be last.  To serve rather than be served.  To be a praise giver, not a getter.  To love You and others.


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