Sunday, January 1, 2012

Genesis 1-3

Daily Reading
Bible with Cross 
Daily Thought

God says that after eating the forbidden fruit, Adam became like him in knowing good and evil (Genesis 3:22).  Why is that a bad thing?  My children know good and evil because I teach them good and evil (preferring good).  Have I been feeding my children the forbidden fruit?

The answer lies in the first 4 words of the Bible, "In the beginning God."  This is the worldview Adam and Eve were created into.  It was their modus operandi.  They did not perceive good and evil, they simply lived in God's creation in the manner he designed it.  They did so without thinking, without choosing.  Now that they have eaten the fruit, they get to think about it.  Their lust to choose was stronger than their love of living in God's Eden.

We must teach our children good and evil because Adam and Eve made that knowledge available to us.  Ultimately, our goal is not to choose wisely, but to follow closely.  In God's Kingdom Come, evil is abolished.  We will return to "In the beginning God."

Daily Prayer

Creator God, Loving Father, what a world you created!  Awesome and amazing.  Thank You for life.  It is purely wonderful, meaning it is wonderful when it is pure.  I am so sorry for fouling things up, for going my own way, for not following You.  So, thank You again for changing my heart.  For pursuing me and teaching me to pursue You.  For giving me life anew.

I look forward to Your Kingdom.  Today and everyday, may I live for, may I follow closely my King, my God, Jesus Christ.  My Savior.


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