Sunday, January 8, 2012

Genesis 25-26

Daily Reading
Daily Thought

I'm doing a wedding today.  A few weeks ago, I met with the bride and groom and went over plans.  One of the most important questions I asked was, "What can I expect from your families?  Is there bad blood?  Are there in-laws and outlaws and ex's and anything else I need to be aware of?  What are the landmines that might explode?"  Families misbehave in general, particularly in two settings, weddings and funerals, and I want to be prepared.

There is a godliness to the Bible that lifts us up to a world not our own.  Heavenly.  God's Kingdom.  The world before sin.  But there is also a human-ness to the Bible.  It's real.  It deals directly and honestly with my world, my situations, my life.  It knows me.  

Isaac (the dad) loved Esau (the older son) because he ate of his game, but Rebekah (the mom) loved Jacob (the younger son). ~Genesis 25:28

In just 26 chapters, we've seen polygamy, adultery, favoritism, jealousy, lying, and murder. Some people look at things like this and say, "The Bible is ridiculous. Their families are as dysfunctional as mine.  Look how crazy these people are."  I read the same thing and say, "The Bible is incredible.  It knows my world and speaks to it honestly."  It has an honest answer, too.  I need a Savior. 

Daily Prayer

O Lord my God, what a world I live in.  Bad, yes, because of sin, but glorious, too.  Your handiwork is everywhere, especially in the people You made.  How can I not love them!  May my love for You increase, more and more daily, and may it be displayed in my love for people, for my neighbors, my community, for the world.  

Thank You for loving me so much that You gave Your all to reach me.  You deal with my sin and rescue me from it.  May I continue to take off sin and clothe myself in You.


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