Monday, January 9, 2012

Genesis 27-29

Daily Reading
Daily Thought

When nowhere special is exactly the right place.

Jacob stole his brother's birthright, then his blessing.  He was a conniving son of his mother, who was his inspiration for deceit.  Now on the run because big brother Esau was mad, Jacob was alone.  He came to a certain place.  In other words, he was somewhere, but who knows where, and he laid his head on a rock and fell asleep and dreamed of a ladder reaching into heaven.  Angels going up, angels coming down, and God at the top.  He awoke to the realization that a certain place was actually "this place" and God was in "this place," although he didn't know it the night before.

God had used Jacob's circumstances, bad circumstances of his own making, to bring Jacob to "this place."  He had plans for Jacob, but not because he deserved God's attention.  What if God only paid attention to us when we deserved it? 

Daily Prayer

God of heaven, thank You for looking down on me, even when I'm not looking up.  You saved me before I knew I needed rescuing.  I was spiritually asleep and You showed up, but no, You were always there.  It is me that became awakened to Your presence.  

Now, my Lord, I know that You are in me, that You have numbered my days and created me for a purpose, for good works that glorify Your name.  I commit each day to You, because by Your grace, I am a child of the Almighty.


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