Friday, November 23, 2012

Acts 27-28

Daily Reading
Acts 27-28

Daily Thought

At long last, Paul arrived in Rome and lived there "two whole years at his own expense, and welcomed all who came to him, proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance" (Acts 28:30-31). Acts doesn't end, it stops. The acts of the disciples continue, but Luke is done writing. He leaves Paul telling all who will hear of the wonders of Jesus Christ. Paul, under house arrest in Rome, was chained to a guard, but the gospel, writes Luke, was unhindered. Rather, it may better be thought of as the guards of Rome were chained to Paul. Think of all they must have heard, a captive audience to Paul's proclamation.  

Daily Prayer

Father God, may we set our eyes on Christ, Your Son. Jesus. The Name above all names. The One who saves us. May I let go of my ways, submitting to You. It is by Your grace that I am saved. Your gospel, Your goodness, Your glory.

May I speak of You at all times, seeing opportunities when no one would think they exist. The chains of Rome did not stop the gospel, nor should anything stand in my way. May I be bold, continuing the acts of the disciples into the 21st century.


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