Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lamentations 1:1-3:36

Daily Reading
Lamentations 1:1-3:36

Daily Thought

"Each umpire has authority to disqualify any player, coach, manager or substitute for objecting to decisions or for unsportsmanlike conduct or language, and to eject such disqualified person from the playing field." ~MLB Rule Book 9.01(d)

"Jerusalem sinned grievously;
    therefore she became filthy;
all who honored her despise her,
     for they have seen her nakedness;
she herself groans
    and turns her face away" (Lamentations 1:8).

Learning to umpire, I worked with a veteran who taught me that I should not eject a ballplayer. "By their actions," he explained, "they will inform you if they no longer wish to play. You simply enforce their desire."

"The Lord is in the right,
     for I have rebelled against his word" (Lamentations 1:18).

The book of Jeremiah sets the context for the five sad songs that make up Lamentations.   The first song makes it clear that Israel was a nation in rebellion against God. The second song, God responds. God's judgment is never in conflict with our wishes.

Daily Prayer

Heavenly Father, You are good, and You are good to me, more than I deserve. But you are also fair and just. When I neglect Your Word, when I stray from Your leading, I get lost and I find trouble. I can't blame You for that; it is the consequence of my desires. 

What amazes me is when You come searching for me when I'm the one who got myself lost. You lead me back to Your path, and welcome me back as if I had never strayed. I know what I deserve, and it's not Your love and grace. Thank You for not giving me what I deserve, and giving me what I don't.  


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