Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jeremiah 49-50

Daily Reading
Jeremiah 49-50

Daily Thought

God is God. That seems obvious, yet humankind continually acts as if it has a say in the matter. Edom believed her wisdom sufficient, Damascus its fame, and the possessions of Keder and Hazor gave them a false security. These people built idols that reflected their own passions and desires, rejecting the God in whose image all people were made. Each stood against God and, like Ammon, "trusted in her treasures, saying, 'Who will come against me?'" (Jeremiah 49:4). Nation upon nation swaggered against the might of God and met his sword. At the end, even great Babylon fell, "for it is a land of images, and they are mad over idols" (Jeremiah 50:38).

God's prophets tell of his judgment against the nations, and if we cringe at its fierceness, it has done its work. It is not God's duty to accommodate our sensitivities, as if God should "play nice." God's justice reflects the truth of "in the beginning, God created" (Genesis 1:1) and "saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good" (Genesis 1:31). We have made it bad, then wonder at God when he picks up his sword. He is making it good again.

Daily Prayer

My heavenly Father, You deal with nations that, I admit, act the way I act. When things go well, I neglect You; when poorly, I complain. Too often, You are the last to whom I turn. If You had not made Yourself known to me, I would have ignored You. Thank You for Your love and grace, which I find so compelling, the more because I do not deserve it.

You are God, that is the most wise thing I can say. Everything else comes after that. May my devotion reflect that truth and be displayed in everything I do.


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