Friday, May 4, 2012

1 Chronicles 9-11

Daily Reading
Daily Thought

This is an account of David's mighty men (1Chronicles 11:10). What follows is names and exploits of fierce warriors who stood beside David in battle. They were collected when Saul was trying to kill David before he was king, and stayed with David once he'd gained the throne. Their devotion was such that, when David yearned for a drink of water, they broke through a Philistine encampment to draw from the well of Bethlehem. When handed the cup, David looked at the water, then at the men, and thought the price too high to quench the thirst of a king. They had risked their lives, and he would not drink it. "He poured it out to the Lord" (1Chronicles 11:18), an offering worthy only of God. 

The movie "Blindside" begins with a monologue, "One Mississippi. Joe Theismann, the Redskins quarterback takes the snap and hands off to his running back. Two Mississippi. It's a trick play, a flea flicker, and the running back tosses the ball back to the quarterback. Three Mississippi. Up to now the play's been defined by the what the quarterback sees. It's about to be defined by what he doesn't. Four Mississippi. The year is 1985 and Lawrence Taylor is the best defensive player in the NFL.  There will be no Five Mississippi. Quarterback Joe Theismann never played another down of football."

Lawrence Taylor knocked Joe Theismann out of football.  Lawrence Taylor and his kind are the reason why Tom Brady gives cars to Patriots linemen at Christmas, why Saints linemen had vacations of their choice paid for by Drew Brees, why 49er linemen sported Rolex watches, gifts from Joe Montana. "Watches. Custom suits. Stereo systems. Sony Blu-ray players before they even got on the market," Indianapolis Colts linemen show off gifts from Peyton Manning. "He takes care of his guys."

Tom, Drew, Joe, and Peyton are quarterbacks, the kings of their teams. The king needs his mighty men.

Daily Prayer

My King of kings and Lord of lords, great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, who sits at the right hand of God, having finished the work of salvation and now reigns in heaven. You have called us to battle, to stand strong in Your grace, and to take Your Good News into the kingdom of darkness.

God, may I be among those who, through no strength of my own, but by the power of Your Spirit, bring light into darkness, bring life out of death and love to the lost and lonely. You are for me, none can stand against me.


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